Come Shape the Horizon: Lipa’s Best Game Yet is NOW on the App Store and Google Play

Lipa Pirates

Math is finally made fun! Get immersed in the world of Lipa Pirates, where you’ll encounter increasingly difficult challenges, colorful animations, unforgettable characters, and shiny rewards.

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The awesome new educational app for kids we’ve been crafting is finally here: Join our clever Captain Brickbeard and his crew of wiley pirates, Molly, Jasper, and Toby “Boatswain” Flint on a seafaring adventure! Sail through treacherous waters, battle your foe, rouse the Kraken from the ocean depths--all while learning about new shapes and core geometry.

Thank you for being a part of our Lipa community and using our games as tools for enhancing early childhood development. Lipa Pirates continues our tradition of changing education for the better. Download it beginning May 14th for only $2.99 on the App Store and Google Play!


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Lipa Learning isn’t just an app developer
We’re an ecosystem developer

Founded in 2012, Lipa is dedicated to its oath of revolutionizing education. We believe in creating a safe environment of imaginative thought, play, and exciting challenges for children to experience.

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Our educational games consist of unforgettable characters that kids love, and that teach important developmental skills from an early age. Take, for instance, Lipa Bear: following the main character, Bella, around her home, kids join in a rescue mission to help Bella find her lost things. Along the way, Bella introduces kids to different physical actions (e.g. sleeping, playing) and emotions (e.g. happy, angry), as well as teaching basic vocabulary.

By intermixing several important aspects of childhood development into one game, we’ve given children the chance to explore their own individuality and personality, but also to understand that others have these traits, too.

Because our games involve meaningful interactions between characters and the user, kids gain foundational skills in subjects like math and language while learning how to make friends, express empathy, and look past differences--just to name a few. Lipa truly takes childhood development to a new level. Come be a part of it with us by joining our Advocates Program, or simply by downloading and trying our games for yourself!

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Children and technology: the smart way to the future

Though children and technology are often seen as at odds with one another, we at Lipa believe in the importance of technology as a creative and mindful outlet for children. Many games offer low-quality content or have zero educational value, which is why we craft games held to high standards such as Higher Order Thinking and organic learning.

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Technology connects the worlds of imagination and reality just like storybooks. Children can get immersed in the colorful worlds of Lipa games and learn skills that transfer to the real world—action, emotion, understanding, and critical thinking are combined in an educational booster pack that kids take away from our games.


April 28, 2015: Hospodářské Noviny

CEO Tomáš Bárta and Project Manager Ian Hook Talk Technology, Education, and Early Childhood Learning with Czech Media

Tomáš Bárta, Ian Hook author: HN - Matej Slávik

On April 28, 2015, Czech media giant Hospodářské Noviny published a centerfold of our latest goals and projects. We’d love to share this proud moment with you.

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February 15, 2015, Casual Connect

Games-Based Learning: One Company's Search for the Holy Grail

Ian Hook

Lipa’s Head of Education, Ian Hook, presents Lipa Learning at Casual Connect in Amsterdam, February, 2015. He discusses the purpose of the company, the relevance of games-based learning, and the fresh approach Lipa is taking to solve the problem of the worldwide education deficit. If you want to share your thoughts with Ian, send him an email at

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kidSAFE certificate

Lipa Learning's Apps All Carry the kidSAFE®Seal of Approval

Shai Samet, founder and president of the kidSAFE® Seal Program, bestows approval on all Lipa Games.

kidSAFE is a fast-growing safety certification service for kid-friendly websites and applications, and provides a “seal of approval” for websites, apps, and other virtual environments for children, confirming that they are safe and appropriate places for children to play and learn. Shai Samet, an award-winning privacy consultant and entrepreneur, developed and launched kidSAFE in early 2011.

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